Surviving the Pandemic

Mel Cook
2 min readFeb 24, 2021

What works for me?

First, my sincere apologies to you anyone that has lost a loved one during this tragic time. You have a heavy burden and I wish I could take that away. I will say this if you can find a tiny bit just a little even a speck of positive from all this hang on tight and don’t let go….

Positive thinking is hard sometimes. We all tend to get in a rut so to speak. We all can suffer from depression. However, positive thinking can change your whole life. Say what? Yes, positive thinking can change your life. One positive thought at a time. Before you realize what’s actually going on with your body you are already energized and happy. Hanging on to that requires work and patience.

During this covid 19 pandemic, I too suffered from extreme depression. In my small circle was my mom, my daughter, my now x gf and my xxgf …. Hahaha yeah, another story on that some other time…

Anyways, my mom had her house and I had mine. We all kinda roamed from one house to the other and never really left to go anywhere else except the store. We all suffered from mixed emotions. We all felt displaced. Things were not “normal” anymore. As the red flags went up so did the anger the frustration and the depression. We started to bicker, we started to distance, we started to learn everything wasn’t okay. Throw my kid on virtual learning into the mix and wow. Her grades were slipping tempers flaring. I had to step up and own it. I started doing more. I took a lot of small simple tasks. I started seeing progress…