My guide on being the perfect mom.

Mel Cook
2 min readFeb 24, 2021

First off I like to throw the idea of being a perfect mom out the window. No one is perfect. However, here is my guide on how to be the perfect mom.

There is a lot of skill needed to complete this task. I feel like a few of those are patience, understanding, communication, love, compassion and endurance just to name a few. I personally have come to realize we focus on the negitives our parents did to or for us and become consumed to not be that. I have also come to realize that by allowing that thought to enter our mind we do the opposite and sometimes become the monster we saw.

Here is an example… my dad suffered from mental illness. I suffered from his mental illness. I had a mental illness and my child suffers because of it. See how this thought process goes. Another example. My mom was a victim of physical abuse, in return so did but at what cost?

Im still struggle on figuring out why. I have taken psychology classes, sociology classes. I have spun myself in circles of why. I have become to allow the thought of we just do what we want regardless. This applies to myself, my kid, my relationships etc… I have tried to stop second guessing everything and just go with my gut. I feel like our bodies can be very enlighting if we just listen closely.

I still struggle from many things along the journey of parenting. I also am willing to be the perfect mom. A version that is perfect for me, and my child. I am willing to take any road to get me there and will stop at nothing less.

I would like to give a special shout out to all parents. The struggle is real. Much love !