Judge a Book By its Cover?

Mel Cook
1 min readFeb 28, 2021

As a child, I was taught to be creative. I was also taught that things are not always as they appear. As a child, I was taught to see shapes in clouds and watched them move. I was taught some form of respect is given the rest is earned. I was taught we work hard for things in life. I was also taught not to judge a book by the cover.

I have walked many paths during my life. I still continue to apply the teachings from my youth. More often than not I tend to fall short of my goals.

I’m like many of you guys and gals. I have high hopes, dreams, and a past. I have an image of myself and others have their image of me. I don’t proclaim to be perfect but I do strive for perfection.

Like many others, I tend to self-sabotage. I see flaws and do little if anything about them. Yeah, I make myself accountable…. How? You may ask me anything. I will try my best to take me out of the equation and give you an honest answer. You may not like my answer, and at times my answer may even offend you. I feel like controversy is okay, and even needed at times. I am who I am. Ask me anything….