Free Spirit?

Mel Cook
2 min readMar 2, 2021

What’s the cost?

As far back as I can remember I have been a free spirit. I even have a tattoo of bobwire with blood dripping and says “free spirit” in the middle. I march to the beat of my own drum. I’m stubborn, independent, driven, and focused. There are costs for being a free spirit tho. Yes, I did say costs.

I have been too stubborn to give the right opportunity a chance. I’ve been too independent to ask for help. I have been driven and lost track of what matters most. I have been focused and lost sight. I enjoy being a free spirit but sometimes I get a little bit lonely.

I enjoy being a free spirit but at what cost. I’ve lived a life doing most things the hard way. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, but it does get old sometimes. I’ve been called a smart dumbass most of my life. LOL! I still find a little humor in it. I’m me is all I know. Expect the unexpected with me. Ya never know what ya gonna get.

At my worst, I’m forgetful, a liar, a manipulator. At my best, I am caring, compassionate, understanding, and rewarding. If you can handle my worst you won’t regret my best. I am a hell of a person with a heart of gold.

Most people see a free spirit and run for the hills. We are hard to tame, easy to love. I can’t say that knowing me will be easy. Actually, I will honestly say quite the opposite. It’s hard! I’m worth it though…