Easy Way or the Hard Way?

Mel Cook
2 min readMar 2, 2021

More often than not we may find ourselves wanting to take the easy way out. We sometimes want easy but easy is not always what we really need. I have found that by taking the easy way out we tend to limit possibilities. I’m not saying we should go around only doing what is hard either. What I am saying is this, we have to do what is best for us. Sometimes we need easy and sometimes we need hard. I can sit here and tell you from my perspective how you should easily fix a problem. I won’t. I can offer you some insight into how your actions are a reflection of the way you view something. I feel like at the end of the day we do what we do because we wanted to.

Depression is from being sad. The easy thing is to get depression meds. The meds only mask the sadness and create side effects. If we dont fix the issue at hand the meds only cover up the issue.

Addiction is from having an addictive personality. The easy thing to do is either use more and run from the issue. You can also choose to enter a maintenance facility or detox center. I know from personal experience none of those are easy for the addict.

I could go on and keep naming several different issues. I wont, not right now anyway. That’s too easy… I will say this though. As someone that struggles with depression and addiction easy is not always easy…. I hate being told what I should do or what’s best for me. No one knows what’s best for anyone really. The choice is an individual to make.

I have rebelled countless times just because someone told me I better. NO, I better not. LOL! A lot of the times I should have listened but I made the choice and I learned a lot from the choices of my life. I don’t regret being an addict. I regret the time I lost with my family. I don’t regret the dark past I have. I embrace the past and know I don’t live there anymore. I dont regret the depression, that has made me count my blessings. I dont regret loving women, I have a lot of good friends. I dont regret waiting until I was 21 to sleep with my first guy. I know my worth.

So which is it … the easy way or the hard way…??? Only you can answer that!